Information Overload

by Los Albertos

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Second Los Albertos album


released January 6, 2006

Martin Andrews - drums, percussion, vocals
Mark Crawford - guitars, vocals
Des Crawley - trumpet, vocals
Chez Harper-Grimble - tenor and baritone saxophone, melodica, vocals
Tim Herman - alto and baritone saxophone, vocals
Nic Tribe - bass guitar, hammond organ, vocals

All songs written and arranged by Los Albertos and Tom Livingstone, except Leavin' the Band, written by Des Crawley, arranged by Los Albertos

Melodica on Information Overload performed by Tom Livingstone

Produced: Glover and Los Albertos
Engineered and Mixed: Glover at 811 Studios, West Sussex
Design: Woodie
Band Photography: Nigel at North Laine Photography
Management: Jeff Hemmings
Live Sound: Des Day



all rights reserved


Los Albertos Brighton, UK

Los Albertos are a Brighton based Ska band. Dance grooves with a guitar sound ranging from chicken scratch to Carlos Santana, the horns veer from wall of brass to Klezma reediness in their riotous, joyous sound. After 10 years gigging, recording and sitting in the back of a Mercedes 609d, Los Bos called it a day in Sept 2012. They are now back, 2015, for a few special one-offs, and s new record... ... more


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Track Name: Information Overload
Information overload has gone and made my brain explode
so many facts an contradictions running through my head
every day i throw away so many things that come my way
i can't decide what i should keep i'm so confused that i could weep

i really don't care, i really don't care
i really don't care that i'm losing my hair
loans direct, phones direct, credit cards and means direct
cashback, trashback, like an acid flashback
commercialise, hypnotise, through your eyes

but like i've said before i can't take anymore
flyers, offers, leaflets, dropping through my door
i just wanna live my life and do what i do
i resent giving all my money to you
a free life is shit, there's no such thing
although your adverts do have a certain kind of ring
i ain't gonna be duped, for me it don't attract
Track Name: The Nice Man From Next Door
has anyone seen the nice man from next door?
Track Name: Celebrity
when i'm watching the tv
those really great celebrities
like thingy chops and what's-her-face
make me feel like a disgrace
their hair so cool, their sparkly smiles
when i grow up i want to be
a sexy hip celebrity

shoot them all
put them up against the wall
one by one blow them away
then see what they have to say
Track Name: Beer Panic
beer panic is setting in
the fridge is empty and the future's looking grim
the pubs are shut and the landlord says 'no way'
looks like we're gonna have to wait another day

well i know a little offy that opens after ten
if you knock correctly he might juts let you in
he's a very friendly chap a fine upstanding fella
i'll have three bottles of blue nun and two crates of stella
Track Name: Leavin' The Band
well i can't get a tan
at the back of a van
and i can't get paid
or a tan in the shade
i'm making other plans
i think i'm leaving the band

i gotta head for heights
but this things just too too wide
i gotta head for heights
but i can't get a tan in the back of a van
so long
i hope you understand
i wanna leave the band

well i'd like to say
its been ok
i really would like to say that
i really would like to be able to say that
i've done everything i can
Track Name: Scientist
the sweetest things in life can be yours if you want them to
the sweetest things in life

the grass the grass between my feet
the wine the wine and dark green leaf

how does it feel
to be here in a field
i somerset on sunday afternoon
and how does it feel
to know that life is real
in somerset on sunday afternoon
Track Name: Heal
sitting on the grass in battersea park
the football was there, the frisbee played a part
the dogs did the lambeth, the babies ran aloud
the coppers walked mesmerized, lost in the crowd

talk to yourself, it's not bad for your health
you need time off, forget about your wealth
won't find peace of mind, looking forward or behind
shake the tree you haven't signed for your life

elements surround us, a natural high
lost for inspiration, we had to look in to the sky
the sun will tell us yes
the clouds will tell us no
but this ain't no time to make up my mind
just ponder my thoughts in the sweet sunshine
Track Name: Song for Sylvie
don't rush my darling, the pleasure comes soon
the rouge on your cheekbones, the scent of the room
soft, full and tender, the feeling inside
questions and answers they fell from my mind

is this love?

i won't rush my darling, the look in your eyes
pollen from the east dear, to covet the night
i'm falling inside you, i'm down on my knees
the sun slowly setting on midsummer's eve

is this love?

i won't rush this moment my dear will you ask
for my love this evening i fear it's my last
home is the question, home up above
answer me, is this love?

is this love?
Track Name: Transcend Dental Medication
transcend dental medication
transcend dental medication

i'm sitting somewhere in between skint and broke
i went to the dentist what a joke
he stuck his fingers in my gob made me want to vomit
his hands were so hairy he could have been a hobit

transcend dental medication

he said 'four hundred quid, please'
i said, 'you what?'
i've got three pounds fifty that's your lot
chill out, mate, this'll make you calmer
we don't use gas, we've only got nirvana

transcend dental medication
soothes your dental inflamamation
transcend dental medication
added national health inflation
transcend dental medication
give it to the population
transcend dental medication
remember kids, brush twice daily
and read the information
transcend dental medication